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Sangkem TV emerges as a beacon of faith and community in Siem Reap, Cambodia, dedicated to spreading messages of hope, peace, and wellness through a distinctly Christian perspective. Launched in 2022, this channel serves as a pivotal platform for the Seventh-day Adventist Church, delivering a variety of programming in the Khmer language aimed at enriching the spiritual and physical well-being of its viewers. The channel’s lineup includes children’s shows designed to impart moral values, religious programming that explores theological themes and the prophecy of Jesus’ Second Coming, and educational content on leading a healthy vegetarian lifestyle. Unique to Sangkem TV is its commitment to addressing the holistic needs of Cambodian families, making it a valuable resource for spiritual growth and healthful living in a region rich with cultural heritage. As it broadcasts from Wat Preah Yesu, it not only connects viewers to their faith but also to a sense of local identity and community, promising a blend of content that nurtures both body and soul.