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Alma TV stands as a vibrant beacon for those with a penchant for the culinary arts and the allure of travel. This Italian television channel, under the stewardship of GMH S.p.A. and nestled within the broader Sciscione Group family, brings a unique blend of flavors and destinations to viewers’ screens. As its name suggests—drawing inspiration from the iconic duo, Alice and Marcopolo. Alma TV embarks on a mission to explore the world’s vast culinary landscapes and breathtaking locales, making it a perfect companion for adventurers and food enthusiasts alike.

The channel’s programming palette is rich with shows that transport viewers from their living rooms to exotic destinations, guiding them through bustling marketplaces, serene countryside, and vibrant cityscapes. Each program is carefully curated to not only showcase the beauty and diversity of travel but to also dive deep into the culinary traditions that define each region. From gourmet dining experiences to street food adventures, Alma TV covers the entire spectrum, ensuring there’s something for every palate.